Friday, September 18, 2009

accessible style

Phillips-Van Heusen (PVH) has brought us many wonderful ways to enrich our lives with design (fashion, lifestyle, eyewear, bedding). PVH is the parent company for Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and van Heusen. These brands reflect on thing I always love to see in the design world: accessibility. If beautiful objects are made, why not make them reasonably priced so that the beauty is spread and allowed to flourish? I understand a certain degree of wealth that is shown by owning certain objects, wearing certain pieces, and following certain designers, but if you get too wrapped up* in that aspect of the world, you can very easily lose touch with the reason you liked the design in the first place.

The looks below will allow a person style equal to Gucci and Dolce, but you can find the components from these images in department stores, brand retail locations and online, and they all span a medium price range from $60 for a duvet to $280 for the entire set.

for information on store locations, how to purchase or simply for some addition inspiration, refer to the cK home site.

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